The socio-economic growth taking place in many parts of the world depends to a large extent on the availability of efficient and reliable transportation infrastructure

CRISP (Center for Research on Integrated Systems Platform) is a company founded and operated by a team of professional engineers who have extensive experience and illustrious track record in the design, development, operation and management ground transportation systems. Our international experts are licensed to provide professional consulting services in the ground transportation field in a number of countries that include Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). We have amassed considerable experience through our involvement as experts and consultants in major projects in these countries in the areas of geometric road design, road safety audits, traffic organization and management, parking space design and intelligent transportation systems.
To contribute substantially to the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly and safe ground transportation systems

Our extensive project experience leads us to believe and conclude that the design, implementation and management of modern ground transportation systems require a multi-disciplinary approach and diversified expertise. Thus we constructed our approach to serving the needs of our clients by forming work teams comprised of professionals with diversified expertise and background.
Our Projects